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How to Care for Your Vinyl Windows

When it’s time for window replacement, many people choose vinyl. You never have to paint these windows, and they are easy to keep up. However, even the vinyl coating needs cleaning, and you’ll keep your windows looking good, by following these helpful tips

Cleaning Tips

Mild soap and water work best, and you can use a soft brush or cloth. Avoid hard scrubbing on caulking or weather-stripping areas.

You may use standard household cleaning products. To protect your window replacement investment, stay away from cleaners with scrubbing agents and never use scrub pads or steel wool. You could damage your windows.

Don’t use your pressure washer on windows. You might be tempted to clean them this way, but the pressure loosens the window caulking.
Avoid strong cleaning chemicals and solvents. For example, never use acetone based products, cleaners containing bleach, or de-greasing agents. These things are not good for vinyl windows.

Glass Cleaning

You should avoid cleaners containing ammonia. Instead, use a solution made from 30 percent vinegar and 70 percent water. Standard cleaning cloths may cause streaking so choose lint-free cloths for best results. You may also use paper towels for cleaning. Dry the glass completely to avoid spots. Make sure to clean your glass often.

Cleaning Screens

Your window replacement should include screens, and they need proper care. Remove your screens from the frames. Clean one screen at a time to make sure they go back in the right frames and only use warm water and mild soap. Dip a soft brush in the soap solution and gently run the surface of the screen. Rinse with warm water.

Screen and Window Removal Tips

Not all windows are the same, so make sure to check the instructions or manufacturer’s website regarding your windows. If you have questions, call your local window replacement professionals. They are more than happy to help you.