Why Consider the Idea of Investing in Tinted Storefront Glass?

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Glass

While much of the emphasis on selecting storefront glass has to do with security and durability, there is another aspect to consider. What would purchasing tinted glass provide for the business owner and the customers? Here are some of the reasons considering this feature carefully is a good idea.

Protecting the Inventory

At certain times of the day, quite a bit of direct sunlight enters through the storefront glass. While the extra light is not a problem, the effects of the sun could mean losing some of the inventory. The exposure can cause some materials to fade, making them unfit for sale. By choosing to purchase tinted glass that helps to block UV rays, the chances of damage to the inventory is kept to a minimum.

Enhancing the Look of the Place

The right color for the tinting will actually make the interior of the store more inviting. Depending on the season, the tinting could create a sense of feeling cozier while shopping. At other times, the tinting will provide something of a sense of being in a cooler place. The latter is especially true when the temperature outside is a little too warm. The right color may even make it easier for shoppers to get a better look at the colors of clothing and other items offered for sale. Without the glare to contend with, they can determine if that shirt is really the shade of blue desired.

Easier to Heat and Cool the Store

Another benefit of the tinting has to do with managing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the store. Tinted windows boost the ability of the glass to prevent heat and cold transference from outside. That means less of the company profits will need to be allocated for utility costs and more of it can go to purchasing more inventory, offering employees raises from time to time, and other important tasks.

Before making any decisions about the glass replacement, talk with the team at Layne Glass Services and learn more about what the right type of tinting will do. After settling on all the features the glass must include, it will be easy to come up with a price, schedule and installation date, and spend more time on other tasks associated with running the business. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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