The Advantages of Installing a Tin Backsplash in Englewood, NJ Kitchens

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Kitchens are inherently one of the messiest areas of any home, due primarily to cooking. Given that kitchens are also the area of the home used to cook food for residents’ consumption, it should go without saying that it is important to reduce the amount of food waste and dirty water that winds up in places it shouldn’t be. That’s why many kitchens include a Tin Backsplash in Englewood NJ.

What is a Backsplash?

A backsplash is a set of easy-to-clean wall tiles that protect the kitchen’s drywall from damage and ensure sanitary conditions. It can be made of ceramic or glass, but metal is arguably the best material to use in fabricating a kitchen backsplash.

Easy Installation

Tin backsplashes are easy to install in any kitchen. All that’s required is a few nails and some adhesive. That means lower installation cost for homeowners who choose to hire a professional to do the job, but it also means many particularly handy homeowners can simply install tin backsplashes themselves without too much difficulty.

Improved Sanitation

One of the primary benefits of any backsplash is improved sanitation. When homeowners choose to install a Tin Backsplash in Englewood NJ, they are choosing arguably the most sanitary option. Treated metal does not rust, doesn’t foster the growth of mold, and is exceptionally easy to clean.

Plenty of Options

Another advantage of installing a tin backsplash is that it comes in a variety of colors and designs. It is possible to purchase colored ceramic tile backsplashes in many colors, but only metal can add visually interesting patterns on top of them.

A Fireproof Option

Metal backsplashes are safe for use anywhere in the kitchen, even behind the stove or oven. They are fireproof in addition to being waterproof, making them a perfect fit for this specialized use.

Get Started Today

In addition to conferring all of these practical and aesthetic benefits, tin is also a remarkably inexpensive material. That means just about any homeowner can afford to install tin backsplashes in his or her kitchen without breaking the budget. Visit us online for more information or call today for more information.

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