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Winter Maintenance for In Ground Pools in Nassau County, NY

Some pool owners assume that their responsibilities end with the swimming season. Unfortunately, when it comes to pool maintenance, this is not the case. Read on to start learning about winter maintenance for In Ground Pools in Nassau County NY to find out what pool owners should be doing to take care of their investments this season.

Keep Pool Cover Clean

Just covering the pool at the end of the season and hoping for the best isn’t enough. Of course, a pool that is covered with a dirty pool cover will still be better off than one that hasn’t been covered at all come spring. However, the leaves, dirt, and debris that wind up on the cover will find their way into the water before it comes time to open the pool again if the cover is not cleaned periodically.

Remove Water

Just about all pool owners know it’s important to remove water from their pumps, pool heaters, and filters prior to the first freeze. What many don’t think about is the importance of removing water that has accumulated on top of the pool cover throughout the season. This is also important and can be accomplished using a shop vac or a sump pump.

Check the Cover Periodically

Pool owners should check the covers of their In Ground Pools in Nassau County NY periodically throughout the winter months to ensure that they’re still tight. Loose cables can lead to these covers slipping into the pool, which can spell disaster for the covers when the water freezes. The cover should be pulled taut, and there should still be an air pillow between the water in the pool and the pool cover throughout the season.

Plan to Open Early

It may seem like spring is still a world away, but pool owners know it will be coming sooner than many think. Opening early for the season before the water starts to really warm up can reduce the levels of algae in the pool. Winter algaecides do tend to survive the season despite the cold, but the water will still need to be balanced and shocked and in-season algaecide will have to be added to avoid unwanted growth.

Hire a Professional

Winter is also the best time to research pool companies for the coming season. Get a free quote today to get started.