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Three Types of Inground Pools that Tampa Residents are in Love With

Pool contractors in Tampa stay busy because residential pools are extremely popular in the area. Although the pool contractor can tell you everything you need to know, it can still be beneficial to know something about pools in advance. The first lesson? The three different types of inground pools.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are the most desired type because they are very low-maintenance pools. They have a non-porous surface known as the gel-coat, so you don’t have to worry about algae build-up. It’s also much quicker for pool contractors in Tampa to install since the liner is constructed off-site. One disadvantage is that fiberglass pools aren’t very customizable. Also, the initial cost is higher than the others, but it’s less expensive in the long run.

Vinyl Liner Pools

This type is the least expensive upfront, so it’s great for people with a smaller budget. This type is also low-maintenance for those who don’t want to scrub the whole pool every week. However, the liner can get ripped by sharp objects such as your dog’s nails and liners are expensive to replace.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are the most customizable option. You can get whatever shape and size you want with a concrete pool. It’s durable and long-lasting. However concrete pools are very high-maintenance pools. The surface of the pool needs to be scrubbed at least once a week to prevent algae growth.

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