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Why There Is a Demand for Parking Garage Restoration in Chicago, IL

The city of Chicago contains dozens of parking garages, some of them built in the 1950’s. The increase in automobiles after World War II created a heavy demand for parking spaces and the space-efficient garages solved the problem. Although many of the earliest structures were well built, parking garages take an exceptional amount of abuse. Between daily use and weather, most begin to deteriorate within 15 years. Most of the early structures were demolished, but parking garage restoration in Chicago IL is often used to preserve later ones. During restoration contractors repair defects, avoid demolition, and improve garage function.

Contractors Can Locate and Correct Problems

Before experts begin parking garage restoration in Chicago IL, they carefully examine structures to identify needed repairs. They may need to strengthen and repair underlying structural beams, slabs, columns and other elements to ensure garages are safe to use. Craftsmen often repair construction materials, to improve structural integrity. Restoration can include waterproofing that helps prevent future weather damage.

Owners Avoid Replacing Structures

Because they are so heavily used, parking garages rarely last as long as other structures, even with restoration. However, a garage that was originally well built will last a dozen or more years and restoration can add several more decades. Chicago property owners with deteriorating garages often contact Business Name and arrange for repairs to avoid the costs of demolition. Even if they never rebuild, the expenses of hauling away debris and rehabilitating the remaining spaces can be prohibitive. Rebuilding parking garages adds even more cost. Restoration is far less expensive and saves nearby building tenants and customers a lot of inconvenience.

Restored Structures Are More Functional

When experts restore a parking garage, they ensure that it is safer, stronger, and meets all codes. Contractors can often use improved technology and materials that improve the garage’s looks and function. For example, contractors once had to replace all of a garage’s poured concrete cement to repair surfaces. Today they are likely to add new steel cables and pour cement around them. During restoration parking areas and other markings are also repainted, so they are clearer and safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Many Chicago commercial property owners have parking garages restored instead of demolished. It is a less expensive option that can correct many structural problems. Restored parking garages are often stronger and more functional than the originals.