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Why a Crack Repair in a Foundation in Westford, MA Must Be Done Now

While it is not unusual for a foundation to develop the occasional hairline crack or two, a series of small cracks or one major one is cause for concern. The most prudent approach is to arrange for a Crack Repair Foundation in Westford MA, as quickly as possible. Here is what can happen if the homeowner decides to wait for too long.

Stress on the Frame

One of the functions of the foundation is to provide a stable platform for the house frame. Since cracks weaken the foundation, it cannot provide the best support for the home. Over time, this will mean the frame begins to shift. Unless some type of Crack Repair Foundation in Westford MA, is undertaken, the homeowner can expect the windows and doors to be more difficult to open and close. Over time, cracks will begin to appear in the walls. At that juncture, it is no longer a matter of taking care of the foundation. Now there will be plenty of expensive work that must be done in order to keep the house habitable.


Cracks allow rain to seep in and around the foundation. That will further undermine the ground underneath the structure and increase the amount of stress on the home. In the worst case scenario, the seepage will lead to the collapse of floor joists and even entire outside walls. Even with repairs, the home may never be the same again.

The Value of the Home

Rest assured that if the foundation is in poor condition, the market value for the property will decrease. No prospective buyer wants to deal with the time and expense involved with repairing a foundation. If the homeowner is serious about protecting the investment in the property, those cracks will be repaired when they first develop.

For any homeowner who has noticed that the foundation has developed some small cracks, do not write them off as being unimportant. Call the team at Drycrete Waterproofing and arrange for a professional to take a look as soon as possible. If a Crack Repair Foundation in Westford MA, is needed, it can be completed quickly and easily.