Using Bolted Trusses To Create Boat Storage In Spokane, WA

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

In Washington, property owners could acquire unique designs to keep their boats safe while in storage. These structures help them prevent damage due to exposure to the elements and falling debris. A local construction company can provide these homeowners with Boat Storage in Spokane WA located on their property.

Choosing the Right Structure

With bolted trusses, the construction company could provide them with triangulated designs. These opportunities allow the adequate height for a larger boat. This allows the property owner to store the boat and acquire proper drainage of rainwater within the roof of the structure. This prevents possible damage due to high precipitation collecting on top of the structure. These options could range between queen post to double howe designs.

Acquiring Accurate Measurements

The structure should provide adequate space for easy loading and unloading of the boat. The height of the structure should allow the property owner to navigate the boat out of the storage option without causing structural damage. The entrance of the structure should be of equal height of the structure. The contractor could acquire the proper measurements by evaluating the surface area of the boat and make adjustments for the structure.

Scheduling the Service

The property owner must meet with their preferred contractor to determine the right date and time to begin this project. They should have their land cleared for the new structure and provide utilities for it. The contractor presents the property owner with a time table for each milestone of the project.

Warranties and Guarantees

The contractor provides the property owner with a warranty for their new construction. This warranty offers services for repairs and restoration if the structure becomes damaged. The property owner can extend the warranty based on an availability of these options. All work performed by the contractor is guaranteed.

In Washington, property owners may face challenges when storing their boats for the winter. With the right storage structure, the property owner acquires a durable option that eliminates damage. Structures that use bolted trusses provide more stability and a higher level of protection. Property owners who need Boat Storage in Spokane WA should contact Town and Country Builders Inc for more information today.

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