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Understanding The Work Of Masonry Contractors In Wilmington, DE

A Masonry is a form of building with stones, bricks, or concrete, and it is one of the oldest methods of construction. Modern masonry contractors are still much in demand, both for new construction and preservation of historic buildings. The following are several types of work performed by masonry contractors in Wilmington, DE.

Masonry Waterproofing

Over time, rain can wear away the strongest stone. That’s why brick, stone, and concrete exteriors need waterproofing. One of the jobs of a masonry contractor is to seal a buildings exterior with a waterproof coating that will provide an impermeable barrier and add years to a building’s life. They can seal any masonry surface, including walls, sidewalks, patio floors, and even interior floors.

Historic Building Preservation

Masonry contractors in Wilmington, DE are specialists when it comes to preserving the character of historic buildings. They use gentle cleaners that renew the color and texture of old masonry without abrading it, and they treat exterior walls with waterproofing sealants that don’t mar the look of the brick or stone in any way. Preserving a historical building not only helps the building retain its value, but it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to replacing an exterior with all new masonry.

Brick And Stone Pointing

Another type of work that masonry contractors do is brick and stone pointing. This refers to the process of repairing or replacing mortar that has been damaged. If left untreated, cracked mortar can begin to crumble and cause major structural damage to a building’s exterior walls. By renewing the outer portion of the mortar joints, masons can improve the appearance and increase the durability of a building.

Foundation Repairs

Since masons work with concrete, they also repair foundations when needed. Water damage and settling can cause cracks to develop in a concrete foundation, and these can weaken the entire structure. Masonry contractors repair foundation cracks with injections of an epoxy resin or polyurethane grout that will fill and seal the crack, preventing it from spreading.

In addition to these services, masonry contractors in Wilmington, DE also does stucco repair, flashing replacement, masonry cleaning, and all forms of masonry repair. To learn more, visit Mara Restoration, a woman-owned, full-service masonry restoration and preservation contractor.