Tips for Choosing Storm Doors in South Jersey

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

For a homeowner, installing storm doors in South Jersey provides some benefits. A newly installed storm door can last on a home anywhere from 25-50 years depending on the quality. Listed below are more considerations to take into account.

Benefits of a Storm Door

  • Protection – For many homes, the front or back door has a lot of special stains, windows, paints or designs. A storm door can offer protection against harsh winters, dry summers, and rainy spring weather.
  • Money saving – A storm door offers an additional layer of protection by adding a buffer between the temperature on the outside and the temperature inside the home. This reduces the costs of high energy bills. Some storm doors can reduce energy loss up to 50 percent, depending on if the material used.
  • Allows for more light – Storm doors with screen inserts allow the homeowner to open his or her main door; allow the light or breeze to seep in, without letting bugs and other animals inside.
  • Offers additional home security – Those who are looking to break into a home, often do not like the idea of having an additional barrier to go through. Installing a storm door can increase the amount of security for the home.

Choosing a Storm Door

It is important to choose a storm door based on the specific needs, size, and style of the home. Many manufacturers sell pre-hung doors in kits, making for an easy installation. Following are tips of what to look for when choosing the perfect door.

  • Frame construction and appearance – Door frames come in numerous materials and designs. It is important when choosing a door to take into consideration the location of where the door will be located, the climate, and what type of performance and longevity is to be expected.
  • Frame materials and coloring – Most storm doors are made of steel, aluminum, composite or vinyl frames. Each material has its benefits. Steel doors are very durable and long lasting, aluminum is a lighter alternative of steel with more strength than vinyl or wood. Composite frames are perfect for extreme weather conditions and vinyl is the most economical choice.

Storm Doors in South Jersey offers it many benefits for the home’s overall appearance. To ensure the perfect door is chosen and installed, contact us today. Our reputable staff is happy to assist your storm door needs.

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