Tip Checklist for Emergency Restoration

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

If your property has been damaged by fire or water, the first few things you do can spell the difference between a cleanup and a major and costly restoration. So here’s a checklist of tips for you:

Water Damage

  • Use spongers to remove excess moisture
  • Air out wet areas. Turn up your AC to hasten the drying process in the summer or open the windows and turn up your heater during the winter.
  • Check for sagging ceilings. Remove all your belongings from that room.
  • Remove any electronic devices from wet surfaces
  • Don’t force your doors open if they’re stuck
  • Freeze any books or documents you want to save if you can’t dry them yet to prevent the growth of mildew

Fire Damage

  • Don’t wipe fire resides from walls, ceilings or absorbent surfaces. These are toxic.
  • Toss any food or canned goods that were exposed to the heat
  • Throw out any upholstered furniture or carpeting with heavy residue
  • Open windows to help speed up the drying process
  • Empty your fridge and freezers if your electricity is off. Keep it open by propping the door up with a towel or any handy stopper
  • Get your pets out

Smoke Damage

  • Toss your old furnace filter for a new one
  • Check for any loose soot particles in your draperies, furniture or carpeting. Brush vacuum these.
  • Cover any of your furniture with clean sheets before you use them.

Hire pros

Call in professionals to help you, says H20 Drying Solutions. Seeing your home and belongings in shambles is going to be hard enough. Having emergency restoration pros in Charlotte NC help you out can keep you focused on the work or give you the time you need to take care of other things like talking to your insurance, making arrangements for temporary accommodations. If you want an efficient and safe recovery and restoration, get experts for the job.

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