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Three Jobs Requiring A Company That Provides Drilling Services In Hawaii

The concrete work for a construction job is one of the most critical elements of any new building project. If it isn’t done properly, it can lead to serious foundation issues and cause a building to be structurally unsafe. A company that provides concrete Drilling Services in Hawaii can help by ensuring a foundation is installed according to code, which will ensure a building is as structurally sound as possible. While there are many types of projects they can assist with, the following are the most requested. Anyone starting a new building project should hire a professional for the following work.

Auger Cast Pile Installation

An auger cast pile is used to hold the footings of a concrete foundation in place and keep the building secure during high winds. Installations of this nature are typically suited for buildings that will reach a maximum of 25 floors. The contractors will drill into the ground at the edge of the foundation and secure the cast piles in place using concrete and metal rebar for additional support.

Sea Wall Construction

A sea wall has to withstand high winds and structural setting without compromising the integrity of the land it is supporting. The best way to complete a job of this nature is to secure foundation pipes into the ground with concrete and stack the blocks that will compose the wall structure on top of those supports. This will keep the wall stable and reduce the likelihood of failures caused by erosion that could lead to landslides.

Slope Preservation

The single greatest threat to any beachfront property is erosion resulting from high winds. Gentle slopes can provide a barrier against natural elements but must be maintained. A commercial drilling company can add rebar beneath the surface of the grade, which will provide it with additional support that can ward off the effects of sea wind erosion.

The best way to keep a building or other concrete project secure is to use an experienced contractor that provides Drilling Services in Hawaii. They will have the knowledge to use advanced construction techniques that can lessen the chances of wind damage and erosion. Check out the professionals at Structural Systems Inc and learn more about how they can utilize drilling techniques to keep any area safe for years to come. You can also visit them on Google+.