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The Process of Driveway Sealcoating in Toledo, OH

A driveway encounters a lot of stress from cars and the weather. This can damage the surface of the driveway. Because materials such as asphalt are porous, the different substances can get into the holes. This can ultimately result in cracking, fading or other issues. One of the solutions is to seal-coat the driveway. This is how the process is accomplished.

One of the first steps for driveway sealcoating in Toledo, OH is to seal up any existing cracks in the driveway surface. The cracks are usually a result of water damage. Asphalt patches are applied to all of the cracks and allowed to dry. Since this can take a couple of days depending on the weather, a plan will need to be established on where to park the cars until the job is complete. It may also help to block off the driveway to prevent visitors from destroying any repair jobs in progress.

After the cracks are repaired, the driveway is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. A high pressure water system is used to remove most of the dirt and oil on the surface. The driveway will have to dry prior to the application. In some cases, an additional cleaning solution may be utilized. The seal-coating needs a clean surface in which to adhere to.

Once the driveway is cleaned, the driveway sealcoating in Toledo, OH is applied to the surface with a spray. The application process is much like spraying a painted surface. Depending on the size of the driveway, several gallons may need to be applied. The seal-coating must be allowed to dry completely before the driveway is utilized. Since weather conditions may slow down the drying process, plan to have at least several days of drying and curing time. Walking or driving on the asphalt while it is still wet may damage the coating.

Protection for a driveway means applying a waterproof sealant. This extra layer will prevent water from seeping into the surface which can cause cracking and other damage to the asphalt. Any newly poured driveways should have this applied as soon as possible to ensure the maximum life is obtained from the asphalt. For more information about obtaining a waterproof driveway, Contact Morlock Asphalt Ltd.