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The Most Common Products Used To Perform Concrete Repair In Fairburn, GA

Concrete is one of the most trusted materials in the construction industry, due to its strength and longevity. No matter how well-made concrete may be, it is susceptible to damage during its use. While replacing the concrete is an option, many professionals opt for Concrete Repair in Fairburn, GA, as it can restore the look and appearance of the concrete and ensure it is sturdy and ready to provide unparalleled performance.

Here are the top three products used during concrete repair.

Epoxy Sealant

Most damage can be seen on the surface of the concrete and is caused by exposure to the elements, such as rain and temperature shifts. An epoxy sealant can help prevent damage by creating a waterproof barrier over the surface of the concrete, which will prevent the intrusion of water and the formation of cracks and holes. Most epoxy is clear in color, so it will not affect the finished product.

Bonding Gel

In some cases, a contractor will need to place new concrete against existing concrete to fill holes or ensure structural integrity. Just simply putting the new material on top of the old will not ensure a proper bond. It is important to use a bonding gel over the old concrete surface, as this will help the new concrete adhere to the structure and create a seamless bond that will not be susceptible to water damage or stress cracks.

Injectable Fillers

Small cracks in a concrete surface can quickly fill with water and create even more severe damage if not repaired quickly. This form of Concrete Repair in Fairburn, GA requires the use of a filler agent that can be injected into the crack, which will create an airtight seal that will prevent water intrusion and the formation of additional cracks in the surface. It is important to use a high-pressure injector to ensure all damaged areas are adequately filled.

Concrete surfaces are designed to last for years, and minor repairs can help keep them secure for an affordable price. Blackjack Paving provides concrete installation and repair and can keep any concrete surface looking beautiful and structurally sound.