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How Roofers in Olympia WA Can Provide a Decent Roof Over Your Head

A good roof is as symbolic as it is practical. By protecting a home or business, it is also protecting a person’s livelihood. By hiring reputable Roofers in Olympia WA, people can rest assured their home is protected with a sound roof. Here are some tips to help people achieve security and tranquility when contemplating roof repair.

* Check the condition of the roof. Keeping a roof in top condition can benefit a person in many ways. Retaining its strength enables the roof to withstand the elements, including everything from rain, tree branches, the sun’s intense rays, and even damaging hail.

* Protect the attic. Isolated, yet adequate attic ventilation can prevent damage caused by water while saving energy.

* Start with a solid foundation. Homeowners need to ensure the roof is solid before installing new shingles. Roofers in Olympia WA can tell if the base of a roof is ready for installation.

* Check flashings. Ensuring that flashings are installed correctly will allow people to avoid damage caused by water, especially around vents and chimneys.

* Clean gutters. Make sure to routinely clean the home’s gutters and make sure every gutter slopes downward, as this helps with drainage.

Finding a leak in the roof can be the hardest part of repairing a leaky roof. Finding the exact spot where water is entering the roof is difficult because water can enter one place and travel to another easily. For instance, a leaky roof may be caused by a hole in the top of the roof, but owners see moisture and water in the corner. If a leak is discovered, never ignore it. The goal is to find the leak and repair it as soon as possible. If you can get into the attic, start by looking on a rainy day. Water tends to reflect light, so make sure to have a flashlight handy. Once the leak is found, mark the area.

If waiting for rain isn’t a viable option, consider using the garden hose. Let the water run over the roof one area at a time. After determining the location of the leak on the outside of the roof, apply roofing cement or put new tiles down. For more information, contact Weatherguard Roofing Inc today.

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