The Areas an Inspector Will Survey Before Issuing a Restaurant Permit in Orange County

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Remodeling a restaurant is an exciting yet stressful experience. A contractor will be able to guide any restaurant owner through the process and make sure that the building is up to code. Once the job is complete, the establishment must be inspected before a restaurant permit in Orange County can be issued. Without this permit, the facility cannot do business, so it is crucial that all work is completed properly the first time to prevent delays with the permit office.
The following represent the top three items that can cause a restaurant to fail an inspection and delay a grand opening celebration.

Electrical System

Most commercial kitchen appliances require a large amount of electricity to operate. An inspector will ensure that all wires are up to code and that no shortcuts have been taken. They will also test voltage loads to make sure that there is no fear of an electrical fire should a piece of equipment malfunction.

It is important that the contractor overseeing the remodel only hire licensed electricians to complete any electrical work that is needed.

Water and Drainage

The restaurant should have a steady stream of water, and hot water should meet any temperature requirements set forth by the local health department. Most restaurants are also required to have floor drains underneath all sinks to prevent build up of water in the event a water leak occurs.

A plumber will have the knowledge to install all drains and water lines properly, so they will pass inspection without worry. A Restaurant Permit in Orange County will not be issued if the proper ventilation is not installed. Range hoods are rated based on the amount of air they are able to remove from the space. It is important to make sure that the hood installed matches up with the BTU rating of the stove, so there is minimal risk of fire hazards in the future. It can be hard to find a trustworthy contractor that will complete a restaurant remodel properly for an affordable price.

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