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Signs You May Need Foundation Repair in Davenport, IA

Having a sound foundation is important to the integrity of your home. If there are any issues with the foundation, they should be dealt with as soon as possible to limit further damage to the home itself. Watch for the following signs that you may need Foundation Repair in Davenport IA.

Bowing of the Basement Walls

If the walls of the basement are starting to curve, this is a strong sign that you may need Foundation Repair in Davenport IA. Walls should remain straight, but pressure from outside can cause bowing inward.

Cracking in the Walls or Floors

Basically, if your walls or floors are starting to crack, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Examples include horizontal cracks near windows, bricks cracking on fireplaces, and cracks in the concrete of the basement floor. Keep an eye on these cracks to see if they get even wider, as this is a sign that the foundation is still shifting, especially if there are deep vertical cracks in the basement concrete.

Gaps Developing Between Various Parts of the Home

If the porch is separating from the main part of the home, there are gaps between the windows and the doors and the caulking, or gaps between the ceiling and the crown molding, there’s most likely a problem with the foundation settling.

Doors and Windows Don’t Shut Properly

Another sign of a potential foundation issue is that doors and windows that used to work perfectly no longer shut properly and stay shut. They could be difficult to open and close, or they could refuse to stay closed. Either is a sign that there may be a problem that needs looking into.

Floors That Slope

Floors should be straight, but sometimes they develop a slight slope. A very small slope isn’t likely to be a big problem, but if the slope is greater than one inch for every 15 feet of floor, you may need to have the foundation repaired.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to get your home inspected to see what types of repairs are needed. Contact Tomlinson Cannon for more information. We also offer gutter installation, basement waterproofing, wall straightening, and mudjacking.