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Signs it is Time to Call for Chimney Repair in Canton, MI

There are far too many homeowners who take their chimneys for granted. They make the assumption that this part of the home is worry-free. However, issues can arise. If Chimney repair in Canton, MI is needed, it should not be put off or ignored. When a chimney is damaged, it represents a serious fire hazard. Getting to know the signs of a problem is the best way to avoid using a damaged and potentially dangerous chimney.

White Staining or Efflorescence

The white discoloration on a chimney is referred to efflorescence. While removing the staining is fairly easy, cleaning it away won’t solve the moisture issue that causes the white residue to begin with. If efflorescence is present, it is a clear indication there is an excessive amount of moisture present in the masonry. If the problem isn’t handled, the chimney may deteriorate prematurely.


A homeowner should never see rust on the damper or the firebox. If rust is present, this is another sign that excessive amounts of moisture are present in the chimney. While rust may not be noticeable on the damper right away, if it doesn’t seal properly or operate correctly, it may be due to issues with rust.

Keep in mind that if there is enough moisture in the chimney to result in visible patches of rust, there may also be other types of significant damage, such as a cracked flue tile. At this point, calling for chimney repair in Canton, MI is a must.

Mortar Joints that have Started to Deteriorate

Any damaged mortar joints in the chimney need to be repaired right away. If the mortar has a chance to deteriorate, it is going to be exposed to more moisture. This can exacerbate the deterioration going on inside the chimney.

The ability to enjoy a crackling fire when it is cold outside is great. However, if the chimney is in disrepair, it may present serious issues for the homeowner and has the potential to cause a house fire. It is best to call companies such as New Roof Inc. to inspect and repair any damage that may be present.