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Services for Industrial Basement Waterproofing in Washington DC

Commercial and industrial basement waterproofing in Washington DC is crucial because inventory and equipment are often stored there. Generators, heating systems, and access to electrical wiring is also found in the basement. A leak in the foundation, water entering from the window wells, or seasonal flooding can cost owners a substantial amount of money.

Costs from Flooding

Lost inventory, clean up expenses, repairs to systems, and equipment replacement costs can be excessive. The facility may have to be shut down until the mold can be eradicated, resulting in the loss of even more money. Proactive Industrial Basement Waterproofing in Washington DC can drastically reduce the risk of excess water.

The First Step

A free basement inspection and consultation can help experienced professionals determine where weaknesses exist and what services will provide a solution. It also gives the business owner an indication of the current condition of the area. Full explanations of any issues will be reviewed, and any recommendations will be clearly outlined. Estimates are provided as well.


The solution can be as simple as epoxy injections for foundation cracks. Other possibilities may include caulking of window and stair wells, installing a sump pump, or removing any mold present. Major restorations may be required, such as an addition of an internal or external drainage system, foundation repairs, or installing waterproof materials along all the walls.

The right equipment, the latest technology, and highly trained professionals are essential to a successful waterproofing project. Find a company with a few decades of experience and an excellent reputation. Ask for references, check with other business owners to discover if they have any suggestions, and research independent reviews posted online.

The problem may also stem from a crawl space or sub-basement that the owner did not even know existed. Have the space assessed before any damage can occur. Spending a little time and money addressing the issue now instead of spending a small fortune when water enters the basement.

Other Services

Waterproofing services are also available for real estate agencies and residential customers. Property owners can visit website domain to schedule an inspection. Weather is becoming more and more unpredictable as climate change increases. High levels of snow melting in the Spring, for example, can cause a flood in a basement that has never flooded before.