Foundation Repair Services Northern Virginia Homeowners Could Save Thousands

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Waterproofing Systems

Northern Virginia is more than likely one of the most humid of all major metropolitan areas in the United States. Humidity often leads to mold, which can make cracks in a home’s foundation that much worse. By performing foundation repairs these kinds of problems can be prevented from causing serious damage to a home. There are professional foundation repair services Northern Virginia homeowners can use to ensure these types of issues are caught early and stave off headaches in the future.

Filling cracks with sealants is probably the first line of defense that most homeowners turn to. Professionals with relatively simple sealant compounds can detect and fill cracks throughout an entire foundation in a manner of hours. The endless march of technological progress has made this process more efficient than ever.

New chemical compounds have made sealants more resistant to water damage than ever before. Northern Virginia tends to stay quite damp even during the drier winter months. Humidity can condense into water droplets that form on the underside of a home’s foundation and start to eat away at various sealants. This isn’t much of a concern when it comes to the newer types of material.

Advances in imaging technology have also helped quite a bit. Technicians can run a miniature camera on a wire underneath a foundation to see what it looks like from below. They can also use a similar device to explore cracks and find out just how bad the damage actually is. This has increased the accuracy of the diagnosis that technicians report back to homeowners.

This also means that preventative procedures are much more effective today. Technicians are able to spot tiny stress fractures long before they get big enough to become a problem. They’re also able to spot the small problem areas that could attract humidity and mold. Use a professional company that is known to provide foundation repair services in Northern Virginia homeowners can trust. They will perform an evaluation and could save you thousands if problems can be detected early. If you have signs of foundation issues, don’t hesitate to setup a consultation today.

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