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Restoration Building Contractors

Disasters happen, and feelings of devastation can follow. That needn’t always be true when you have access to restoration building contractors to return your home or building to useful order.

Fortunately, for residents of British Columbia in the Kamloops region, Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. provides restoration services for fire, water damage to contents of homes and commercial buildings and removal of hazardous materials.

Pick Yourself Up and Start Over
Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd., founded in 1982, includes building contractors Kamloops residents rely on for 24-hour response to their needs. The Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. team possess the experience and knowledge to help clients regain full use of their homes and commercial properties. As expert building contractors Kamloops communities trust, they are trained to restore and replace fire-damaged areas and leave premises odor and mould free. Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. professionals assist clients with water damage problems with a special drying process and help prevent future occurrences of water damage.
High winds and storms also wreak havoc on structures. Depending on the power of the wind or storm, it is important to contact Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. immediately to ensure that damaged areas are restored to avoid additional structural damage.

Protect the Contents of Your Premises
Whenever there is fire or water damage in the interior of a structure, the contents are inevitably affected. As the most trusted name in building contractors Kamloops property owners rely on, the Thompson team provides a pack-out and focuses attention on the essentials needed most.

Hazardous Materials May Lurk Sight Unseen
When it comes to mould, it is usually detected first by its odor. However, many structures also contain asbestos and lead that may also be undetectable by the untrained eye.

When you need removal of these materials, contact Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. whose AHERA certified technicians provide full cleanup and removal of hazardous materials.