Do You Need Door Service in Mission Viejo, CA?

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Your door is oftentimes a statement piece that can be added to your house. Your home’s facade is typically made of one or two colors with one or two different accent notes; the door of the house changes the way that it looks and feels. For example, if you have a solid brick facade, a hardwood door will stand out considerably. If you need to update the look and feel of your door, you don’t need to replace the entire door. That’s one option but it’s not necessary. You can also replace the hardware of the door. Just as the door offsets the look of the wall, the hardware offsets the door. It can change the way that the door looks and feels. It’s one of the most common kinds of door service.

Hardware Choices

Hardware can be changed for many different reasons. There are several different metals that you can choose from, several different colors, and many different types of function. Some of the most common is brass-plated hardware. Brass-plated hardware is possible because the brass can be polished to shine similarly to gold. It’s a very common type of door service in Mission Viejo, CA.

Silver is also very popular from suppliers such as Capistrano Hardwoods. They offer a wide range of different hardware options.

Knobs and Levers

Your door service can change the actual way that your door operates; there are a few options. The most common options are knobs and levers. Knobs are popular because they’re classic and because they offer some of the largest solid pieces of hardware. A lever-style door latch is popular as well. They are slender and unassuming. If you want your door hardware to stand out, you should choose a knob. Also, you should choose a knob in a significant color and style. If you want the hardware to be discreet, you should choose a less conspicuous type of door hardware. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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