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Methods of Waterproofing to Discuss with the Waterproofing Contractor in Fairfax, VA

The constant presence of water places the foundation at risk. Since the foundation is the most critical part of the home, it needs constant protection from the water. Unfortunately, most foundations don’t have adequate water protection. Because of this, cracks start to develop throughout the foundation. This can require extensive repairs at a future date. There are different types of waterproofing available to the homeowner.

One of the types of waterproofing available is the application of a waterproofing compound to the concrete. This compound seals all of the cracks and holes in the concrete foundation. This compound should be applied to the outside surfaces rather than on the inside. If applied just to the inside, the water can still get in and create havoc. Discuss the best method of how to apply this compound with a Waterproofing Contractor in Fairfax VA.

Another method to waterproof a basement is the application of a wrap. Unlike the compound, it can only be applied to the outside of the foundation. This can require extensive digging but can handle higher levels of water intrusion than the compound. This waterproofing method can also be paired with the installation of a french drain for maximum protection. This installation can be done at basically the same time as the application of the wrap.

The sump pump is used in situations where water is constantly present. This can occur in areas where the home is located in a swampy area or at the bottom of a hill where soil moisture is a problem. Because the sump pump provides maximum water control, it is often recommended when water is getting in despite other means of protection. The installation does require tearing up the concrete in the basement and running additional plumbing. A discussion with the waterproofing contractor in Fairfax VA can provide more information on the process.

Waterproofing is an important step in the protection of foundations and basements. To prevent the need for repairs later on, it should be done as soon as possible, especially if the water exposure has been high in the past. Visit website domain for more information in the different processes for waterproofing.