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Masonry In Newton MA Can Offer A New Appearance

Although the masonry work is very strong, it can erode over time due to chemicals, weather, and shift of the materials. Brick and stone offer an elegant appearance to walls, driveways, stairs, chimneys, and foundation fronts. Restoration of Masonry in Newton MA can improve the appearance and the value of the area when it’s properly repaired. Chimneys are one of the prevalent areas that require leak detection to be performed and the masonry repaired. The intense heat that exits through the chimney combined with rain, snow and freezing temperatures can cause the mortar to crack. Once a small leak occurs, the rest of the chimney can rapidly suffer damage.

Older buildings are becoming increasingly popular for restoration projects. Restoring an old building into a business or apartment building offers the added charm many individuals are looking for. Masonry work may be needed on a new or an old building. When the work wasn’t performed correctly the first time, it will crack and fall out from between the brick or stone. Historical buildings require more care and attention. The mixture of the mortar for older buildings was much different than today. Buildings that prone to seismic activity will require a different mortar.

Matching the color of the mortar is important, and the bond to the materials is a very important component. Tuckpointing and repointing are two of the things that Masonry in Newton MA can perform. Repointing is replacing the mortar that has deteriorated. When the joint it no longer sealed it can leak water, freeze and cause further cracking. Tuckpointing is a technique that is used with brick walls and walkways. There are two different colors of mortars used, so it’s identical to the hue in the brick. It provides a uniform look to the final project. It allows the brick surface to be repaired to look identical to the brick currently in place.

If you’re interested in restoring a historical building, it’s important to choose a masonry contractor that is highly experienced in that field. Hiring someone that doesn’t have the experience could result in the mortar being various colors. It’s important to get more information on a contractor that performs this type of work through references of jobs they’ve completed.

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