Make That Basement Useful With Superior Basement Leak Repair in Rockville

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Water can be a real problem for many property owners. For instance, a leaking pipe can ruin interior finishes or damage structural components. However, one of the most destructive water issues is the moisture that collects in the soil the home is built on. Saturated soil can result in shifting buildings and fractured basement walls, but it can also cause leaks in the basement that are difficult to eliminate. The solution to this problem is superior Basement Leak Repair in Rockville. Leak repair often depends on the size of the problem. For simple seepage, there is the possibility of protective coatings. Unfortunately, this usually just covers over the problem. The best solution is to get control of the water before it damages the home.

Basement Leak Repair in Rockville typically requires the installation of a drainage system commonly known as a French drain. This is a series of trenches placed around the exterior wall that empty into one or more sumps. The number of sumps will depend on the size and shape of the basement. The purpose of the trenches is the collection any water that enters through the walls or seeps over the concrete floor. The trenches will be slightly sloped so that water drains into the sump for removal. If the exterior water level is really bad, then the contractor may need to place weep holes at the base of the wall. This prevents water from building at the base of the foundation by draining it into the trenches.

Keep in mind that the water in the sump cannot be channeled through the household sewage system. This situation could easily overload the sewage and cause all sorts of ugly problems. Instead, the sump pump must pipe the liquid outside the building and away from the structure. This is one reason that it is crucial to contact an expert. Failure to control the water properly could make things worse. Once the water problem is under control, it may be time to think about sheathing. Covering the wall with a liner can keep any moisture away from construction materials such as drywall. Drywall and water do not mix well. In fact, once drywall becomes saturated it swells and begins to crumble. Learn more about basement water control from the experts at Website Domain.

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