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Legality: The White Elephant in the Room (and What to do About It) when Getting Tinted Glass in Lancaster CA

Tinted glass is incredibly appealing. There is something everlasting and gorgeous about the dark coloration that hides the driver and the backseat and makes the car glow with deep contrast. Tinted windows are extremely popular in California. But, there is a line on what constitutes a tinted window. There is also the white elephant in the room: is it legal?

To answer the question in its simplest form, yes, Tinted Glass in Lancaster CA is legal. But, there is a limit as to how dark the glass can be. California law dictates that there is no limit at all to the rear window and back side windows. Some states do institute a legal limit, but Californians are free to make them pitch black if they desire.

That is not the case for the front side windows. The windows must have a 30% cap. This means that they must allow for 70% of the light to come in. The professionals at visit us website can offer different degrees of tint to confirm that it does not go over the legal limit. There is an allowance of a darker tint in the top 4 inches of the window. A mild tint (blocking 20% of the sunlight) is currently the most popular.

The specifics of the Tinted Glass in Lancaster CA are not quite specific in reality. For example, the two main specifics (the 4-inch rule and the 70%) are not easy to decipher from afar. A cop car, upon seeing the vehicle drive by, can stop it for seeming like it is over the tinted window law limit. It may not be so under closer inspection, but does it matter? At that point, the driver is pulled over, and perhaps even ticketed for something else entirely. Drivers in California do not want to attract attention, and tinted windows close to these two specifics may be doing just that.

Fortunately, California drivers can indulge with the darkest and sharpest tint with no limits in the back seat windows and the rear. That leaves enough room to make the car incredibly sharp against a nice bright exterior paint.