A History of Inventions That Led to the Development of Mirrored Walls in Santa Clarita, CA

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Reflecting on the history of glass mirrors can be a fascinating pastime. Considering how unusual it once was for anyone to have even a small glass mirror makes it clear how amazing Mirrored Walls in Santa Clarita CA would be to people traveling to the future from centuries ago.

Calm Waters and Shiny Metal

It’s safe to say that people probably checked their reflection in items like calm pond waters and shiny metals. Residents of ancient Egypt and China used polished bronze, for example.

Glass and Metal

The concept of a glass mirror was an enormous advancement. The earliest glass mirrors found so far by archaeologists date to about 300 A.D. Higher-quality mirrors containing silver and mercury appeared a couple of centuries later. As centuries passed, people commonly referred to an object like this as a looking glass.

Metal mirrors prevailed through the 1700s, however, with glass mirrors being a luxury item for the wealthy. In the early days of the United States, the residents usually had to order looking glasses to be sent from England. The cost for the purchase and the shipping was substantial. In the early 1800s, a process was developed in which a thin layer of silver could be added to the glass. Now, manufacturing of these items was easier, and the mirrors became much more affordable.

The Hall of Mirrors

Long before Mirrored Walls in Santa Clarita CA became a possibility, the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, France, was constructed. Seventeen mirrored arches are part of the fabulous building’s architecture, with more than 350 mirrors included. Construction of this building occurred in the late 1600s.

Today’s Mirrored Walls

In the 21st Century, decorative mirrors and mirrored walls from a company such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co. are not only functional but items of beauty. Mirrored walls are more common in commercial buildings than in other structures. They bring the illusion of a larger room and add a dramatic effect to certain parts of the building. This design can enhance the interior of a room or hallway tremendously. More information on this particular organization can be seen at the website .

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