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The great debate; which is the best way to dry hands, with paper or power

Ever since the advent of the first electric hand dryer way back in the early 1920s there has been an ongoing debate which still rages today; which is the better solution for drying hands in a public washroom; paper towels or an electric hand dryer? Both sides toss out reasons why their approach is better but there is one thing that the paper towel advocates fail to realize; technology. A paper towel today is essentially the same as paper towels have always been, how can they possibly change?

Certainly the same cannot be said about the best hand dryers, they have taken full advantage of new technology; they have evolved from a rudimentary blower to sophisticated, hands off drying devices. The best hand dryers available today dry hands efficiently, quickly and they save the building owner a great deal of money.

If you own or manage a business that relies on a steady stream of customers, you will certainly have restrooms available. If you install electric hand dryers instead of offering paper towels you will recognize a significant annual savings and at the same time eliminate the need to constantly fill the towel dispenser and remove the waste paper and help to relieve the stress on overworked land fill sites.

The focus on hygiene:

The fact that the best hand dryers are far less expensive to operate than it is to buy a never ending supply of disposable paper towels cannot be disputed. Knowing this, the suppliers of paper towels have decided to take a different tack when presenting arguments supporting their products; they have based their arguments on hygiene. Industry sponsored studies have shown that their products; paper towels, are more hygienic than electric hand dryers. As these studies are industry sponsored, what other results would one expect.

The electric hand dryer industry has also put their products to the test, the big difference is; the paper towel industry designed the test protocol whereas the tests made on the best hand dryers were carried out to established international standards.

The results are indisputable; the best hand dryers, manufactured to exacting standards, employing state of the art electronics are more hygienic, kill bacteria on surfaces and cost a lot less to operate.

Think about it, if you have to decide which hand drying option you will provide, won’t you be better off to use the most hygienic, the most convenient and the most environmentally friendly option available? Hand dryers definitely win the big debate.

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