Foundation Contractors can also Repair Your Seawall

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

One of the greatest concerns today when it comes to the environment is land erosion. People have become more aware of the push to save the planet as it grows and more and more people are trying to live green. However, people who own homes on the coast are even more aware of the problems of erosion. When it comes to the value of the real estate, land erosion has a very real direct effect on that issue. This is where a reputable foundation contractor in Naples who is capable of building or repairing seawall becomes extremely valuable to you.

Seawalls are Important for Erosion and Flooding Purposes

if your property is bordered by water, whether it is a lake, gulf, or an ocean, you want to keep that border where it is and where it belongs. Water tends to push back at land, and as time passes there tends to be more water and less land. A proper seawall maintains a barrier between the land and the water so that the water’s movement has very little if no effect on the land at all. Along with land erosion, water can cause far more damage than that when it comes to flooding. There are times water levels can get higher than the generally are seen and many times you are not fully prepared for that. If you have a seawall, it takes longer for the water to reach your home which means that you may have time to properly prepare or that the water may crest long before that.

Commercial Properties

A seawall or seawalls can be just as vitally important for commercial properties. A factory could be full of very expensive machinery and equipment that must be kept dry and which could cause a business to close its doors permanently if they could not afford to replace all of it. Then you would need to factor in the cost of water removal and flood cleanup. If you have a seawall that is in need of repair, or if you need a seawall built, then you should contact us at RAM Jack for further information.

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