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Flooring Choices Include SFI Laminate Flooring in Ponte Vedra

When a person goes to a quality flooring supplier such as Precision Flooring, they can choose from many flooring materials and have them professionally installed. Flooring choices include SFI laminate flooring in Ponte Vedra, hardwood flooring, carpet, and vinyl plank flooring. These choices allow a family to purchase all the flooring they want for their home at one supplier, saving time and money. A home has different use spaces requiring different types of flooring. A bedroom may require a different floor material than the living room or kitchen.

Laminate Flooring Compared to Hardwood

Everyone loves the look of hardwood flooring. But, the price of solid hardwood flooring can be prohibitive. So, more and more people are choosing to have a faux-wood floor installed to get the look at a more affordable price. Faux-hardwood flooring comes in two forms: the wood laminate floor and the vinyl wood plank floor. Laminate floors are the least expensive and the fastest to install.

What Are Laminate Floors?

SFI Laminate flooring in Ponte Vedra is made with a manufactured wood base topped with a photographic wood layer and a strong protective vinyl wear layer. The floor comes in click-together planks that are six inches wide by four feet long. They can be installed quickly as a floating floor. Laminate flooring is not nailed down, so it can be installed over many subfloors and existing floors with a minimum of floor prep. There are different quality levels of laminate flooring.

The more expensive patterns and collections have stronger wear layers, better embossing, and longer warranties. The floor can be installed by the homeowner or store installers who can get the job done quickly. The floor is not as strong or long-lasting as a real hardwood floor, but it looks very attractive and costs much less. It coordinates well with resilient floors and carpet with attractive transition strips at doorways.

Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl plank floors are like the next generation of laminate flooring. They come in planks that are six or seven inches wide and four feet long. This floor has a stronger polyurethane finish layer. The planks start with a manufactured base topped with the faux wood layer and finished with the strong protective layer. This is a more expensive floor than laminate flooring but less expensive than hardwood flooring. It is glued down or floating depending on the collection. Contact Precision Flooring for more information.