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Explore Home Updating Options with Siding Contractors in Lexington, KY

How a home looks will impact its value and the impression visitors have as they approach the property. If your home’s siding is looking dated or has suffered some type of damage, contacting Siding Contractors in Lexington KY for replacement advice is strongly recommended by housing experts. With all the siding options available today, property owners will be able to identify a style that will complement their home.

Discover the Options

Siding Contractors in Lexington KY will show area homeowners samples of the most popular siding options available and explain the pros and cons of each one. For example, fiber cement siding is currently a top choice of homeowners due to its ability to withstand harsh weather while needing little maintenance. The costs of the materials and installation are somewhat higher than some options, but the long-term ownership costs are far lower. Simply not having to deal with repainting in a few years may well make up any price point difference.

Of course, many property owners will still want to discuss options like vinyl with contractors. If the owner is considering selling within a few years, the cost difference between vinyl and other, more expensive options may make the product attractive. Today’s vinyl siding products are certainly better than those used in the past and are worth considering when budget issues are more important.

Installation is Always Important

Even the best siding will suffer if it’s not properly installed. Area contractors should be screened to ensure they have the expertise needed to install specific types of siding. Contractors installing fiber cement siding will certainly require specialized training and equipment to deal with that product’s unique installation needs. If you’re unsure if a contractor has the experience needed to install the siding you’re considering, ask the contractor what sort of experience they’ve had with that product.

Contact the Experts for Repairs

Although modern siding needs little maintenance, there will be times when damage occurs. Severe storms, for example, can lead to siding being damaged by flying debris. Hail may also create issues with some types of siding. If any type of repair is needed, contact the original installer for advice.

Browse our website for more information. Local experts will be available to update or repair your home’s siding both now and in future.