Commercial Guttering in Oklahoma City Does More Then Keep Visitors Drier

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

While one important part of commercial guttering in Oklahoma City is preventing visitors to the store or office building from being drenched as water cascades off the roof, the gutters are important for other reasons as well. Of course, every commercial building is somewhat different, so it’s important to discuss all the advantages of properly installed and maintained gutters with a qualified contractor. However, there are a couple of important reasons to make sure the gutter system is always maintained and functioning properly.

Gutters Protect the Building Foundation

Gutters are designed to channel water away from a building. Since the majority of foundation issues are directly related to water, moving water away from the building is an important function of a structure’s gutters. When water is allowed to pool around a building, the soil will expand, putting excessive pressure on foundation materials. Conversely, when the soil dries out again, the soil will contract, allowing the building to settle. That constant movement caused by expansion and contraction of the soils can, and will, create significant structural issues.

Landscaping is Safeguarded When Water Flows are Controlled

Commercial property owners often invest heavily in landscaping to make their businesses more attractive to customers or other clients. When rainwater or melting snow and ice are allowed to fall directly on those plantings, many types of vegetation will not thrive. That’s especially true when snow and ice melt and fall on the plantings where the water freezes again. That type of freeze and thaw cycle will almost certainly result in many shrubs or other plants needing to be replaced. Quality, properly installed gutters, on the other hand, will channel that runoff to areas where it can’t cause harm.

Property owners are strongly advised to contact guttering professionals to evaluate the ways Commercial Guttering in Oklahoma City will benefit specific buildings. Not only will customers be happier if they are not drenched by water from the roof, the building itself and the surrounding vegetation will also benefit dramatically from having properly installed gutters. For more information or to schedule an evaluation of your commercial building’s drainage needs, Visit today.

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