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Chimney Repair And Restoration

Even though chimneys may last a hundred years or more, eventually, like everything else, it will be necessary to repair and restore it. There are a number of reasons why chimney repair in Chicago might have to be undertaken; it could be old age or perhaps the original bricks were poor quality. Whatever the reason, chimney repair in Chicago can be tackled by specialist masons.

  • Remove and replace bricks: Bricks and the mortar that binds them can, and does, deteriorate. It may take years but the snow, sleet, hail, rain and sun which is all part of Chicago weather do take their toll. These constant changes often lead to appalling, a condition where the exposed face of the brick begins to break down and crumble. Depending on the time the deterioration has been taking place it is not unusual to see a brick fall out. Contractors that perform chimney repair in Chicago can remove and replace bricks and mortar.

  • Crown repair: The brick at the top of the chimney is closed off and sealed with cement, this is the crown. As the surface is relatively flat, water and snow can sit on it, when the chimney heats up this turns to water. As the cycle continues the cement can break up. The crown is critical to the integrity of the chimney; this problem must not be allowed to get worse. Depending on the damage, it can be repaired with a sealant; if the damage is extensive masons must build an entirely new crown.

  • Flue liner: It is imperative that the flue liner be in good condition, if the liner is flawed it can lead to major problems such as a flue fire. The purpose of the flue is to remove sparks, smoke and other by products of burning wood from the hearth to the outside. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) have very strict guidelines, if the flue is cracked or there are gaps in the liner, the liner must be replaced.

It’s lovely to have an open fire burning in the fireplace on a cold Chicago winter evening, but to enjoy it to its fullest you must feel comfortable that your chimney is in perfect condition.

It is extremely important that the chimney of your home is in excellent condition, any broken bricks, missing mortar or other damage or deterioration must be looked after quickly. Click on Fortune Restoration for getting more information about Chimney Repair and Restoration services in Chicago.