Best Methods for Organizing Your Lab Supplies

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Safety and organization are two key factors in a functional and efficient lab, but as most labs are limited in terms of size and storage space, it can be incredibly difficult to remain as organized as you might like. This is why you will want to buy pegboard hooks and accessories to get your lab supplies under control.

Don’t mistake the lab pegboard with the average workshop pegboard. While the latter is made from pressed wood materials and drilled with an organized range of holes, the lab pegboard is easy to clean accent that allows you to both dry and store important lab gear such as beakers, vials, and tubes. When you buy pegboard hooks, you choose an array that is meant to specifically fit into your available space. Typically, this is a sink or cleaning station, and it allows users to wash the vessels and place them in an inverted position. Not only does this mean that any debris is going to easily drain away, but it also means that your equipment remains safely out of harm’s way and opens up an enormous amount of counter and hood storage.

When you buy pegboard hooks, you should be aware that they can be found in an array of materials, including epoxy resin. This is often an ideal choice, though you can find some premium manufacturers with phenolic pegboards, too. These materials are resistant to heat, chemicals, and moisture. They can be wiped down with a standard cleaner and will look great for decades to come. Though esthetics is not always a major issue of concern, when you buy pegboard hooks made from durable materials and in attractive designs, you can make your facility a place workers enjoy.

Other accessories to consider when seeking to make the lab or work space more organized, functional and sanitary include reagent racks, balance tables, troughs, sinks, hoods and bin organizers. When paired with well-chosen cabinetry and work stations, it can create an optimized workflow that emphasizes the efficiency of most of your processes, while also ensuring that you have used storage space effectively.

At the website, you can find the solutions for optimizing your lab or work space. Start with something as simple as the pegboards, which can liberate a lot of counters and shelf space and then take steps from there. You will find they also have the custom worktops, including phenolic and epoxy resin options that can give your entire lab a new start.

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