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An Excavating Contractor in Placerville CA Can Be Hired for Many Projects

Before groundbreaking can begin on your new home the site first has to be prepared. This involves surveyors, permitting, and utility companies. One of the key players will be the excavating contractor in Placerville CA hired to do the excavating work. The following are some of the responsibilities of an excavation contractor:

  • What is an Excavator? – It is a large, heavy piece of construction equipment resembling a crane, only it is used for digging and burrowing in the ground. Also called a digger, it has a cab that the operator sits in, a boom with a bucket on the end, and sits on a rotating platform. It usually moves along on tracks, but some have wheels.
  • Preparing the Land or Site – Before the first shovel hits the ground the building site must be surveyed and staked out. Once the preliminaries are taken care of the heavy work of the excavator can begin. The site is usually prepped by removing obstacles such as large trees, boulders, and logs. The excavation requirements are quite precise for a foundation and the excavation contractor must be able to coordinate the grade with that determined by the surveyors. Once the foundation has been poured and set, the excavation contractor will backfill the foundation.
  • Moving Dirt – When it comes to digging and moving soil an excavating contractor in Placerville CA is the one to call. An excavator is a vital piece of equipment when it comes to building a home and grading the land, building roads and grading them, installing sewer systems and septic tanks and fields, and any situation where heavy amounts of dirt need to be moved or dug.
  • Grading – An excavation contractor will also grade the land on the site for which they excavated for construction. Grading the site serves to smooth out the site in preparation for sod or grass seeding. The main purpose of grading is to prevent or reduce possible water problems so that water does not penetrate into the basement.

An excavation contractor is usually a business owner and a subcontractor as their role is part of a bigger project. A homeowner can hire an excavation contractor such as Rural Focus.