Advantages Of Security Doors In Brisbane

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Screen Store

Whether you want something that improves the aesthetics of your home or adds more security, security doors in Brisbane are the ideal solution for you. Most people imagine these doors with bars across the glass or something that looks like a fortress opening, but they can look like any other door on the market.

They are usually made of stainless steel or aluminium (or a mixture of both) and deter intruders from getting inside your home. The sturdy frame usually includes hidden screws so that intruders can’t remove the door easily, which offers more protection from thieves and criminals.

Security doors in Brisbane also come with appropriate locks. Some doors automatically come with the locks as standard or have it as an optional add-on. Regardless, you can ensure that the door stays firmly shut and impassable, even when it is open to attract the light and breeze. If you choose a security door with a mesh screen, it also helps you cut your energy usage throughout the day. If you’re home, you can leave the door open and let the sunlight and breeze inside. That way, you can turn off the artificial lights and air conditioning.

CommandeX offers a wide range of security doors in Brisbane. You can find Xceed and SecureView products, both of which are designed to keep intruders out while looking excellent. The mesh infill is either marine-grade stainless steel (SecureView) or corrosion-resistant structural-grade aluminium (Xceed). Both can include a three-point locking system, though it is only standard on SecureView products. Along with such, they both offer excellent airflow capabilities and a patented fixing system. They also include an attractive styling and have superb insect protection. Both products can also have pet doors installed if necessary. Both products also pass the knife shear, aluminium frame, and pull test, among others, which ensures your safety and security.

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