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Security Window Screens: Benefits Of Installing

Break-ins can happen anywhere and anytime. You may think that your neighbourhood is safe, but that doesn’t automatically prevent thieves and intruders from trying.

While neighbourhood watches can help protect the homes of everyone, security window screens can be installed on your house and on every window to prevent intrusion. Even if someone does try to get inside, they cannot do so, which protects your family and property. Many times, people think they need to go to the extreme with bars and other unsightly things over the windows, but the screen looks like any other mesh screen with added strength to prevent intrusion.

Security window screens are also aesthetically pleasing because they look like any other screen whereas burglar bars are unsightly and make your house look like a prison or fortress. It also draws more attention to your home and makes burglars think you have something of significant value to protect, even if you don’t. The screen is made of either stainless steel or aluminium, both of which resist corrosion. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it rusting out over time and becoming weaker. Of course, you should maintain the screen as recommended in the manual, but you can expect many decades of use from it.

CommandeX has many products designed to secure your home. Security window screens are designed to comply with Australian Security Standards, and you can find two options. The SecureView and Xceed styles both offer a patented fixing system with excellent airflow. They also have a nice look and provide insect protection. Along with such, both options passed a variety of tests, such as the anti-jemmy test and knife-shear test. However, the SecureView product is made of stainless steel while the Xceed product is made of aluminium. Both are suitable, though the SecureView does include a three-point locking system as standard.