A Myriad of Possibilities for a Post Frame Building in Iowa

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

In the building industry, pole barns are referred to as post frame structures. It’s an important distinction because not all of these structures are barns. The design was modeled after the traditional barn, however, with its open frame stabilized by large posts or columns. This is a simple building style, but that doesn’t mean it can only have simple uses. A Post Frame Building in Iowa can be a garage, a meeting hall, an office building or a small manufacturing plant. It can even be a health care clinic, a church or a residential home.

People envisioning a Post Frame Building in Iowa that functions as a residence may imagine a rustic abode, and that certainly can be true for some homeowners. Log homes, for instance, are sometimes built in this style. However, the building can also be constructed with a more modern flair. It might be styled after the traditional large urban studio apartment. City dwellers may have an apartment with a relatively large amount of square footage, yet the entire place consists of one room plus a bathroom. A post frame house can include the typical studio apartment feature, also typical of log homes, of huge windows bringing in abundant natural light.

These homes are appealing to people of all ages in various economic situations. The simpler structures are more affordable for people who long for a brand new house but can’t afford the kind of building commonly called a stick-built house. The possibility might be intriguing to a young married couple just starting a family, or, in contrast, a retired couple that has worked hard for decades but has never owned a new home.

A contractor such as Gingerich Structures has expertise with the post frame design and is ready to work with potential clients on the building they want to have constructed. They may already have a specific floor plan in mind or they may still be kicking around ideas. They might even still be shopping for the right real estate, but they want to get started on the building as soon as they own some land.

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