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The Top Three Services Offered By Masonry Contractors In Wilmington DE

On the surface, stone and concrete structures look as if they are built to stand forever, and while they do have a long life expectancy, it is important to properly maintain them so they can provide years of structural integrity. Masonry contractors in Wilmington, DE make the job of keeping stone and brick structures in optimal shape simple. Here is a quick look at the services they commonly perform, and how they can help keep a building looking great.

Masonry Waterproofing

Stone is an incredibly hard material, and while some water exposure is not detrimental to its integrity, a vast amount of moisture exposure can cause it to crumble. One of the best ways to prevent the issue is to apply a clear sealant over the face of the stone, as this will prevent water from coming in contact with it. Waterproofing will not only increase its stability but will keep it looking visually appealing for years into the future.

Crack Repair

Cracks are caused by a variety of different issues, with the most common being natural settling that occurs over time. Though they may seem small from the surface, cracks can lead to water damage and structural problems if they are not remedied quickly. Masonry contractors in Wilmington, DE use an injectable filler to repair cracks, as this ensures it is filled and will help to reduce the chances of it reforming.

Masonry Stabilization

If masonry work is left to its own devices and not properly maintained, it can lead to stability issues and leave a building unsafe. A masonry contractor will be able to identify the points of weakness and determine the best way to retain the character of the original stonework while adding increased stability. Stabilizing the stone of a building can help it look better and allow it to stand safely for years.

One of the worst things a person can do is ignore problems with masonry work. The team at Mara Restoration offers complete installation and maintenance services that can keep a building standing strong. Visit to find out more and take the first step in giving any structure the makeover it deserves.

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