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An Asphalt Service Can Perform Installation, Repair, And Replacement

Before budgets got tight for a homeowner, state or local agency, the installation of new paved surfaces has turned to maintaining and preserving the existing ones. An Asphalt Service can offer all of the things necessary to extend the life of the surface. There are all types of services needed for a comprehensive pavement maintenance program. The key to preventive maintenance is having the right repair performed at the right time. The condition of the pavement will determine what type of repair will be needed to correct the problem.

There are several types of maintenance required.

* Emergency maintenance is only performed during an emergency situation such as a massive pothole that needs to be repaired immediately. If the surface of a road is crumbling away, a temporary treatment can be designed to hold the surface together until a permanent solution can be found.

* Preventive maintenance helps to reduce the need for repairs. Treating the surface before any signs of wear or cracking occur can save thousands of dollars later. It will extend the functional life of the pavement.

* Corrective maintenance must be performed when the pavement has a loss of friction or moderate rutting. Extensive cracking would need to be performed before it becomes it an emergency situation.

Waiting until a failure occurs is not preventive maintenance and is not cost effective. A preventive maintenance treatment is related to the current condition of the pavement. Preventive maintenance is planned on a regular cycle. The weather can damage an asphalt surface when it’s not properly sealed by an experienced asphalt service. Certain cracks will require further investigation and repairs than just putting sealer on the top surface.

An experienced asphalt company knows when to apply a treatment to the surface. Sealing and repair should only be performed when appropriate or it won’t work. All asphalt requires the same maintenance, but roadways and parking lots will require it more frequently. Homeowners and businesses can benefit from keeping their driveways and parking lot areas in the best possible condition. If you’re in need of asphalt or concrete installation, repair, or maintenance, please visit Their many years of experience will be an asset to your project. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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