When Does Your Porch Need a New Roof?

by | May 2, 2018 | Roofing

Porch roofs are residential extensions that add a great look to your home, but tend not to be the most durable. The well-built ones will survive a harsh storm, but those are expensive. And like any part of your house that has a roof, the porch roof will need replacing at some point. How are the signs any different from the rest of the house? If you are looking for porch roof replacements in Palm coast, here are the main signs to look out for that proves you need one ASAP.

#1. Damage to the underside
The main benefit of a porch roof, compared to the roof of the rest of your house, is that the underside of the roof is clearly visible. Thus, any damage that may form in the roof are clearly visible as well. Whether they be cracks that could turn into leaks, chips in the woods that could lead to more chips, or even something stuck in the roof, all of it is much easier to notice because there isn’t 3 layers of wood, metal, and insulation blocking your vision.

#2. Termites
Porch roofs are typically made of whatever the porch is made out of for the sake of consistency in design. However, that leaves them open to the scourge of all wooden appliances: termites. If these nasty critters are allowed to munch on your porch roof for long enough without your noticing, then not only will you have to pay for extermination, but you’ll have to have the roof replaced. And you should stay on the lookout, because it will not take termites long to chew through your entire porch roof once they get going.

#3. Leaks
If your porch roof is leaking excessively, then it is time for a replacement, post haste. A leaky roof not only means that there is enough damage in the roof itself to warrant an inspection, it also means that water has seeped into the wood of the roof. This will lead to swelling and all sorts of other problems. In little spurts, this isn’t a critical situation yet. However, if multiple parts of the roof are leaking simultaneously during a storm, then you have a serious problem.

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