What Should Be Included In Commercial Landscape Maintenance?

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Construction Matrix

Reviewing bids on an RFP (request for proposal) or directly contacting a Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Scotts Valley for a quote on landscape maintenance can be a complicated process. One of the significant factors to complicate simply comparing the quote for the project is what is included by each contractor as part of the landscape maintenance details.

The Big Picture

Some landscape contractors will provide a full breakdown of what is included in their quote or bid in a line by line format. This makes it very easy for the property manager or owner to determine the specific services offered by the company. Other companies may provide less of a specific plan and more of general overview, which tends to create a risk of assuming services are included but not having written confirmation.

To ensure the company selected for the Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Scotts Valley offers the services needed for the specific property, consider the following essential components of a well-developed, comprehensive and year-round landscaping plan.

Grass Care

A company with expertise in year-round landscaping care will offer a full list of services for keeping the grass healthy and lush. This will include mowing, edging, clean-up of grass clippings, weed and pest management as well as fertilization.

In some areas, this may also include the installation of irrigation systems designed to meet all local water use regulations and requirements.

Trees, Shrubs, and Gardens

Trees, shrubs, and gardens on the property are also a part of landscape maintenance services. This includes weeding and maintaining the gardens as well as planning for any seasonal planting. It will also include pruning shrubs and trees and managing any necessary shaping and disease prevention programs specific to the tree species and the area.

Taking the time to consider the type of landscaping care required on any Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Scotts Valley will provide a clear picture of what maintenance steps need to occur. A top company in landscaping will do the same, providing a customized quote designed specifically for your property.

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