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What are the Options for Fireplace Installations in Draper UT?

Many homeowners love the cozy feel a home has when there is a fireplace. Today, there are many styles and types of fireplaces to choose from so it can sometimes be a little overwhelming for a homeowner to choose. It is vital a homeowner chooses wisely and has the professionals carry out their Fireplace Installations in Draper UT. Improperly installed fireplaces can lead to fire danger and injury. With this information, homeowners will know more about the available styles for home fireplaces.

Aside from traditional masonry fireplaces, there are several other options homeowners can choose from:

* Pre-engineered wood burning fireplaces are a popular choice for homeowners who have homes that have already been built. These are much less expensive than other types and are easier to install. These can be installed in tight spaces and because they are fully insulated, the fire codes are less strict so they can be installed as close to an inch to combustible materials.

* Gas log fireplaces are also a popular choice for those who do not want to hunt for or purchase wood. This fireplace is preferable for some homeowners because there is no ash and there is less smoke to deal with. The faux logs are made of a ceramic material and the flame is controlled with natural gas. This is about twice the cost of a pre-engineered fireplace but requires less maintenance.

* The Rumford style of fireplace features a curved fire box that is enclosed in glass doors. This design type has been around for many years and has continued to be a popular choice for homeowners because the design works so well. These fireplace options are perfect for older homes or those that are being restored for authenticity.

* For existing masonry fireplaces, a fireplace insert may be the perfect option, so the fireplace actually offers warming heat to the home. These are fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

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