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Types Of Fence Repair Available In Chicago

Fences are an excellent way to measure property lines, keep pets and children inside for safety, and keep intruders and pests outside the perimeter. However, when the fence gets broken, a repair is needed on your Chicago property to ensure that the fencing can do its job correctly. In many cases, repairs are necessary after severe storms, inclement winter weather, and other times when damage may occur. Sometimes, people may run into the structure with their vehicle or write graffiti, as well.

Replacements Necessary?

Depending on the type of fencing you have, when something is damaged, your only option may be to replace the wood plank or the part that is disrupted. For some situations, such as graffiti or slight weather damage, a simple re-painting or re-staining could be all that’s needed. Light sanding may also be required for wood fences. However, if it is too damaged, those planks may need to be replaced. It should also be noted that it will be cheaper to make repairs than to replace the entire thing, though it will depend on the type of damage, as well.


If the wood is starting to rot or pickets have broken off, they can be replaced easily. However, professionals will ensure that the new wood matches as closely as possible to the other slats or posts so that everything still looks similar and aesthetics are still kept.


If rust is accumulating or the links have been cut, that particular area will need to be replaced.


While wrought iron rarely rusts, it can happen and may be treated to prevent further damage, or the damaged area can be removed and replaced.

Fence repair in Chicago is an excellent way to fix any problems and keep your fencing safe and secure. Visit to request a quote now.