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Top Tips to Properly Maintain a Home’s Siding in Hoffman Estates

A house’s exterior siding must stay in good condition for protection and improve curb appeal. Well-maintained siding is the key to its longevity and prevents expensive repairs. Check out these tips for maintaining siding in Hoffman Estates.

Caring for Wood Siding

Wood siding is beautiful and looks great on many houses. Yet, wood siding requires its fair share of maintenance to stay in good shape. Termites and wood rot are common problems that affect wood siding. Do the following to keep wood siding from failing and looking shabby:

  • Inspect the siding every six months for signs of wood rot or insect infestation
  • Re-stain the siding every five years to keep it looking its best
  • Seal the siding every two years using a clear protectant
  • Clean every year using water and mild detergent to prevent mold

Caring for Vinyl Siding

Many homes in Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas have vinyl siding. It’s a popular product because it’s cost-effective to install and looks good on most homes. Perform the following maintenance to keep the siding performing its best:

  • Inspect for cracking and warping
  • Replace planks that have come loose or were installed improperly to prevent moisture from becoming trapped underneath
  • Rinse dust and dirt from the siding using a garden hose or power washer once a year
  • Keep grills and fire pits far away from the siding to prevent melting
  • Use lawn equipment carefully to prevent rocks and other damaging elements from chipping or cracking the siding

For more tips about maintaining siding in Hoffman Estates, contact the pros at Showalter Roofing Services today.