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Top 3 Services In Commercial Roofing In Canton, MI

Every business needs to have a good roof over its head, and that’s why commercial roofing services are always in demand. From repairs to renovations to brand new roofs, commercial roofers provide a host of services to help business owners protect their property. The following are the top three services most often requested from companies that specialize in commercial roofing.

Roofing Repairs

Commercial roofs are exposed to weather conditions that can do damage over time. If the roof is flat, for example, it may gather standing water that will freeze in the winter and expand. Standing water can also cause metal roofs to corrode and develop ruptures that turn into major leaks. In areas that get a lot of storms with hail and heavy winds, commercial roofs of all types can be dented or even pulled away from the house. Experts in commercial roofing in Canton, MI can often repair damage, especially when it’s caught early on. They can also install peaks that will prevent standing water in the future.

Historical Building Renovations

A historical building renovation needs a highly specialized approach. Roofers will need to assess how much of the original roof can be preserved and research old photographs of the building to see what the result should look like. Then, they will need to make the necessary repairs with matching materials that might include decorating metals, ceramic tiles, wood, or even thatch.

New Roofs

All commercial roofs have a limited lifespan, so the time comes eventually when a roof needs to be replaced. Roofing experts can help business owners choose the right material for a new roof, and they can often provide a better and more energy efficient alternative to the old roof. New metal roofs include a reflective metal substrate and an outer coating like Duro-Last to provide even greater reflectivity and water resistance. Cool roof shingles that reflect sunlight are another option to increase energy efficiency.

Professional roofers can help business owners get the most out of their roofs and recommend the best upgrades to increase energy efficiency and overall performance. To learn more about commercial roofing in Canton, MI or to request a repair, visit us website.