Tips For Properly Inspecting Your Roofing in Tucson

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Roofing

A typical shingled roof is going to last around twenty to thirty years, depending on the materials and how well it is maintained. One of the most important things homeowners can do to be sure their roof stays in good shape is to perform regular inspections. With this information, homeowners will know the steps they need to take to make sure they properly inspect their Roofing in Tucson.

Why Perform a Roof Inspection?

Even though a roof might not have reached its maximum lifespan yet, damages can still begin to occur. The older a roof is, the more vulnerable it can become. Inspecting a roofing in Tucson is important because damage can occur due to weather events and the aging process. If the damage is found early enough, it can sometimes lead to an inexpensive fix.

Inspections of Roofing in Tucson should be performed at least a couple of times a year. They should also be carried out when the home has been exposed to high winds, heavy rains, or large amounts of snow and ice, as these can all be damaging.

How to Perform a Roof Inspection

Performing a roof inspection begins by first taking a look from the ground. A homeowner should take note of any shingle damage they might see, along with dips in the roof or gutter damage. Homeowners may also notice large amounts of algae growth which could be damaging.

Once on a ladder, the homeowner can get a better view of their roof, to determine what damage has occurred. Any signs of damaged shingles need to be reported to a roofing contractor. The homeowner should also make sure they check the flashings around the chimney and all vents, to ensure they are not damaged.

If a homeowner notices any signs of damage, prompt repairs need to be taken care of right away, so catastrophic damage does not occur. To learn more about roofing services, visit website. Contact Ralph Hays Roofing today so they can help you with all of your roofing needs. They are the roofing professionals homeowners rely on for all their roofing needs. Give them a call with any questions you may have.

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