The Three Kinds of Striping Parking Lot Lines

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Paving Contractor

Though there are many sites that tell you otherwise, it really is best to call a professional when it comes to striping your parking lot lines. By hiring someone who knows the business, you won’t have to worry about measuring or layouts as you can get a professional who has experience in that area. There are three services that you should be on the lookout for when hiring a parking lot striping contractor.


This service updates the existing layouts of the lines to give your parking lot a new feeling. This can be beneficial by helping you avoid bad parkers who can’t see the worn rough lines while still keeping a layout that works for you.

Re-Striping Over Sealcoating

Sealcoating is important for your lot’s continued integrity and to keep out elements that can harm the pavement including oils, water, and the rays of the sun. In this service, companies such as sealcoat the lot and the parking lot lines are enhanced for better clarity through the sealcoat.

New Layouts

Reshaping how your lot is laid out can maximize the space and flow, resulting in fewer accidents and increasing the usability. It can also give your lot a look that is modern and new and a lot that looks good can bring in new business for you. Parking lot striping contractors know what works through experience and education and can help make your lot work for you.

Your parking lot lines can reflect your business as a whole, and a poor layout can cause a headache for you. Don’t give yourself a migraine worrying about doing it yourself: hire a parking lot contractor who knows whether you just need a simple re-striping, a sealcoat, or a whole new layout to make the most of your business and parking lot, putting more money into your pocket.

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