Three Issues That May Require Professional Residential Basement Repair

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Foundation Repair

A home that is not built on a slab foundation will typically have an underground level known as a basement. Any structural components that are underground are susceptible to a wide variety of issues due in part to their exposure to water and a lack of sun. Most homeowners never experience problems with their basements but, when an issue arises, it can cause a home to quickly become an unsafe space to live. Contact a professional to conduct residential basement repair if any of the following issues occur.

Water Leaks

The most common issue to plague a basement area is an intrusion of water, which typically forms as a result of a tree root problem or the failure of a waterproof membrane. Water leaks can quickly grow in size and lead to property damage and the formation of dangerous mold and mildew. A basement repair company can determine the cause of the issue and use advanced technology to stop the leak and prevent it from reoccurring.

Crumbling Foundation

The foundation of a home is what holds the weight of the structure, and provides it with stability. As brick and stone age, they will start to break down, which can cause a foundation to crumble and will prevent it from keeping the structure safe and stable. A company that provides residential basement repair will be able to determine the extent of the damage and repair or replace any building materials that may have failed due to settling or aging.

Mortar Replacement

The mortar used for basement walls contributes to making the structure waterproof and ensuring a secure seal between each component. If the mortar between the blocks or other materials begins to crumble or work loose, it could be an indicator of a structural issue. A basement repair company will be able to inspect the area and determine if a more serious problem exists or if the mortar just needs to be replaced.

A basement is designed to keep a home standing strong but, over time, problems can arise. The foundation experts at Toledo Basement Repair can fix any foundation issue and ensure a home is safe and dry. Contact them today to learn more and get a free quote to see first-hand how affordable repairing a basement can be. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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