Things to Consider When Choosing a Company for Residential Roof Repairs in Philadelphia

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Roofing

Repairing or replacing a roof can be an expensive job, so it’s important to go with the company that gives the best value, meaning they do a good job for a reasonable price. Some companies cut corners to be able to offer lower prices, so there are a few things to check for when choosing a company to do Residential Roof Repairs in Philadelphia.

Ask About Insurance and Licensing

Don’t choose a company that doesn’t have both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance or one that doesn’t have the licenses required in the area. Otherwise, if there’s a problem or someone is injured, the homeowner may be responsible for any expenses. These expenses can be quite significant. Companies that quote much lower prices sometimes can do so because they aren’t paying for the proper insurance, but using them isn’t worth the potential risk.

Get a Few Estimates

You can Visit website addresses for local companies to get an idea of which might be good options. Speak with a few companies to get estimates for Residential Roof Repairs in Philadelphia. Make sure that the company doesn’t charge for estimates first, and inform any companies that you’re getting three estimates to compare but are looking for the best value and not necessarily the lowest price. See if they’ll give a good-better-best proposal so you can have a full understanding of the options available for repairing the roof and the potential costs based on which alternative you decide on. Expect to spend about an hour with each company at the home and to have them thoroughly inspect the roof and attic.

Get It in Writing

Make sure any estimates are in writing and include all the details of the work that’s to be done, when payments are due (preferably not all before the work is done), whether they’ll do daily cleanup of the site, what type of warranty they provide for their work and how long you have to change your mind without incurring a penalty. Not only does this make it easier to compare different companies, but it also gives you more of a guarantee you can hold them to. Don’t pay the final payment until the job has been completed to your satisfaction. The typical deposit is about one-third of the total estimate for the job.

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